About Hibiscus Designs

I trained formally as an engineer in the mechanical & manufacturing sectors. There I learnt to work with many different mediums, metals, wood, polymers and synthetic mediums, from design through to manufacture, this gave me a good foundation to learn the skills of a jeweller.

After completing short introductory jewellery-making course at a local college, where I made a simple silver ring, for my wife, over an eight-week evening class. I found that it was the perfect combination of artistic creativity and engineering.

For me there is nothing more satisfying, than taking a design or an object, and creating a unique piece from it with a personal meaning, either from the subject, or the occasion it is given.

Shortly after completing the course I was invited to a friends wedding where I was seated next to a master jeweller & pattern maker, who had 26 years experience in the industry from boy to man, he offered to continue my apprenticeship, on a one to one basis. The wealth of knowledge he has is immense and his level of skill has never ceased to amaze me, something only gained through years of dedication the craft, & what started as a professional relationship, developed into a friendship. Although I am no longer in training I often still call upon his wealth of knowledge, as with every practical skill, one is constantly learning & adapting.