Custom Design Process

Designs come in many forms but I always approach each piece with form and function in each measure.

There is no point in having a beautiful piece of jewellery that cannot be worn, as it is uncomfortable or constantly snagging on clothing. If I am designing a piece with out a customer in mind I take inspiration from many different things, the beautiful Derbyshire countryside around me, often features in my designs.

Customers often come to me with an idea and we develop it together, we usually start with a rough sketch, I then transfer this to a computer and develop it further, I work exclusively with apple graphics application and only begin working the design into a piece of jewellery when the customer is happy with the design.

When customers aren’t sure of the design they want, I can provide a few ideas, which we can then develop together; all of my work is fabricated by hand from gold silver or platinum bullion. Each one is unique and is never duplicated.

One of my favourite projects is the remodelling of jewellery.  Sometimes when family members pass away their jewellery is left to a relative or friend, if it isn’t to their taste, it will often be put in a drawer and forgotten or sold. I can using  the metals & stones create another piece, which retains the sentimental meaning & link to the original owner, but will also be special & have the style of the person it was left to.